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As Civil & Heavy Construction engineers we are experts in road building, surfacing, excavation, grading & paving, private markets & custom building, waste management, infrastructures, pavement maintainance, highways/motorways, pipe laying, bridges, structures, and both project & land development and with over 15 years experience you can be assured of pecision work at all times.
We are also allied to the luxury home builders, Prestige Homes Limited. With over 15 years as specialist builders, civil and heavy construction engineers in Milton Keynes, and have a reputation for excellence. We have the skills, craftsmanship and project development team that can help you with any housing, land development/re-development or roadworks of any kind no matter what the size of the project from a single road to a complete housing estate, any roadworks or highways and are highly experienced in working on custom home build projects.
As expert builders civil and heavy construction engineers in Milton Keynes find out how we can help you so contact us now.
Or email us at: info@prestigecivilengineering.com
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